P e r u k e   G a m e s

Peruke Classic contains 24 birchwood ply discs, and 3 dice.
Peruke Classic
Peruke One is a single person game, which comes with 6 classic peruke discs and 6 'Chessex' dice. The game can be used as a 1 person version, or used to play against opponents. There are a number of additional games that can be played with the Peruke One set including Peruke cricket.
Peruke One
Add 3 more dice (50p per dice) to any Peruke game to enable the single person version to be played. The Peruke game with 6 dice also allows two players to play head to head in different ways. These are genuine 'Chessex' dice. * Please note you can request Peruke solo rules at point of sale.
Additional 'Chessex' dice
Peruke Acrylic was the original version of the game. It comes with 24 coloured acrylic discs (6 Red, 6 Blue, 6 Green & 6 Orange) and 3 'Chessex' translucent dice, all contained within a Peruke tin.
Peruke Original